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Friday, March 11, 2011

JDate considers 2RedBeans a formidable opponent.

JDate's has sued us!  This is what they believe of our  "secretly admire" feature,  specially designed for reserved Chinese -- "[JDate] has been and continuous to be damaged into an irreparable injure". 

Excerpt from TechCrunch article here.  The writer definitely has humor for selecting that picture to go with the article.

"It appears that Jewish dating site JDate has filed a patent lawsuit against dating sites 2RedBeansZoosk, and OKCupid. According to the complaint, JDate alleges that all three companies are infringing the same patent, which states that Sparks Network (JDate’s parent company) has invented a method or apparatus for automating the process of confidentially determining whether people feel mutual attraction or have mutual interests. That’s right, JDate has a patent on detecting secret crushes."

Full article link:

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